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Forouzandeh Masrour

Forouzandeh is certified in Conflict Resolution and Mediation with over 20 years of experience in the Ontario legal system, specifically the Ministry of the Attorney General where she managed interpretation and translation services as well as resolved issues pertaining to diversity and inclusion. Forouzandeh navigated the complexities of the Criminal Court and the Family Law Information Centre of the Family Court. In this role, she developed a keen awareness for cultural diversity, family conflict and gender issues through her daily interaction with newcomers, women and youth. Forouzandeh is a proven leader in taking a proactive approach to problem solving in situations involving religious, ethnic and racial diversity carrying over her experience and approach to diversity training and conflict resolution workshops for schools and organizations. She is also highly experienced in intercultural issues in mediation.

She studied Mediation and Conflict Resolution through York University’s prestigious program as well as at the University of California at Santa Barbara where she received her training in transformative mediation, studying under Professors Bush and Folger, the founders of the transformative approach to mediation.

Forouzandeh founded Let’s Resolve after working for three years with Conflict Mediation Services of Downsview as a case manager and outreach coordinator. Located in the Jane and Finch corridor, she provided mediation and conflict resolution services for single mothers, families, youth and the under-privileged including young offenders. She was the co-founder of the “Iranian Family Well-Being Project” funded by the City of Toronto, a project aimed at eliminating domestic violence.

Forouzandeh has provided a variety of workshops and trainings to the Toronto District School Board, The Catholic School Board, Not-For-Profit organizations, Alternative Educational Institutions, half-way-houses and NGO’s, with a view to bridging differences and focusing on the opportunity for dialogue. Let’s Resolve assists families in conflict both in English and Farsi.

She is also the host and producer of a weekly live radio and television program where she focuses on themes relating to mediation and conflict resolution with a view to creating awareness and increasing understanding of our differences.