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Toronto Youth Job Corps JVS Toronto, Jane Finch Employment Source.
Remarks from conflict Resolution Workshops:

“The Toronto Youth Job Corps and JVS are very fortunate and honored to have someone like Forouz Masrour who enjoys her work and her passion for a better community in the Jane-Finch community. During the years that I’ve come to know Forouz and her outstanding dedication to the Jane-Finch community and her open approach towards our clients have made Forouz one of our most requested facilitators in our TYJC program. On behalf of JVS Toronto and the Toronto Youth Job Corps we thank you for your outstanding work and dedication to our clients and our community.”
Luis Alegria

Supervisor, Toronto Youth Job Corps

Workshop Participants:

“I really enjoyed your workshop. You showed me a lot of insight into stuff that I really don’t pay any attention to. Thank you for being a wonderful vibrant speaker who really communicates well to illustrate different view points. I hope everyone had a great experience like I did. Thank you for coming and I hope to see you again.” Dushawan

“I like the topics you chose and how conflict could be a useful tool. It was fun and interesting.” Santelle

“Learned a lot of important information that will help me now and later. The speaker was really good and very fun!” Sasha

“Full of energy, very informative! Enjoyed it very much!” Chanique

“‘Had participants who didn’t want to get involved and allowed them to participate. Great workshop!” Roger

“I like your interactive theories with the group and the fact that you gave everyone support in what they said by giving high fives, and there were no wrong answers.” Ron